Tid Bit: Investing in Australia and New Zealand

Things down under are on the upswing. In the last three months, portfolios of Australian and Kiwi stocks have outperformed all other regions. Australia’s exports of minerals, metals and fossil fuels are strongly keyed to the strength of China’s economy. And as China’s economic news of late has been encouraging,  including its strong long term investments in R&D, Australia has improved. China accounts for about half the world’s coal demand using it for both electricity generation and steel making. Australia’s is a relatively local supply. There’s even optimism that the thorny environmental issues around Australia’s coal industry will come to some compromise solution. The country has a new Minister of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and the world’s largest miner, Melbourne’s BHP Billiton, has come out in support of a carbon price.

Average Three Month Returns Last Updated:September 15, 2010

Folio Inception 3 month 1 year
S&P 500 with Dividends 1.32% 9.06%
Foreign Small Cap 09/15/2008 14.86 27.41%
Australia & New Zealand 07/18/200 12.22 1.94%
Latin America 04/05/2000 11.6% 33.19%
Africa 04/05/2000 9.85% 12.43%
Japan 11/21/2000 7.43% -2.31%

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