Optimists Play Big Trends

September was supposed to be rocky, but overall the month’s shaping up fairly well.

Christian Wagner of Longview Capital, and Timothy Speiss, of Eisner Amper LLP, were sounding particularly upbeat in a recent Fox Business interview,  outlining a pretty rosy big picture view and the long-term trends they’re betting on. (See clip below) For Speiss, Energy and Technology are appealing. In energy, he notes that state regulators are starting to require power producers use more alternative energy — a boon for high margin solar and wind energy producers. (California recently upped their requirements. By 2020 one third of power will have to come from alternatives.)

Wagner sang the praises of relatively undervalued emerging markets, particularly Chile, with it’s large copper supplies, “great” banking sector, and $20 billion sovereign wealth fund. (This recent story from Bloomberg outlines the country’s strong growth in industrial production and currency appreciation this year as Chile recovers from February’s earthquake.) The markets will continue to be volatile, Wagner predicts, but “we’re on the road to recovery.”

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