Amanda Steinberg of DailyWorth Talks About Her Investing Journey

Amanda Steinberg realized a few years ago that she’d gotten pretty good at one part of the money equation : earning it. What she wasn’t doing as well at was saving and investing it.  An entrepreneur since graduating from college, Steinberg decided to create a web site and hire a few experts to help her figure this all out. Presumably if she was facing a struggle saving and investing her earnings, so were other successful women.

In January 2009, Steinberg launched  What started out as a free email newsletter of daily financial tips has since transformed into something of an online community for its 50,000 plus subscribers, a place where readers come not just to hear from the experts who contribute to it, like financial advisor Carl Richards, Money Magazine contributor MP Dunleavy,  author Galia Gichon and others, but to discuss earning, saving and investing money amongst themselves as well.

Besides DailyWorth, Steinberg also runs a Web consultancy called Soapbxx, contributes to, and balances the rewards and challenges of working wife and mother. She lives in Philadelphia with her two young children and her husband.

Click below for a video of our discussion with Amanda in which we cover:

  • How the members of  DailyWorth’s community like to learn about money
  • What she’s learned about long-term investing and the dangers of inflation
  • The value of increasing your saving 1% per year
  • How she’s started to peek further into her retirement accounts and take control of her own investments.
  • Twitter as a crowd-sourced financial education tool
  • The importance of personalized investing

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