The clatter of 24/7 investing information has made it harder and harder to focus on the core principles of  smart investing. With stock tips rocketing across Twitter and the market’s every nip and pop warranting team coverage on cable TV, it’s not easy to find thoughtful information that will be useful in the long term. This  blog was created in May 2010 to help fill that void.

The site will put a special focus on topics that are crucial to smart investing.  It will also keep track of the latest thinking on the ways people invest and the tools they use to do so.

Topics will include:

  • Principles of long-term investing, including diversification, managing risk, consistent investing, and rebalancing
  • Tax Planning
  • Low Cost Investing
  • Mutual Funds, ETFs and Folios
  • Portfolio Investing
  • Retirement Planning, 401ks
  • Corporate Governance

Original reporting will be joined by highlights of important media coverage, academic work and other research.  Over time contributions from academics, financial planners, investors and other informed thinkers, will be a staple of the blog as well.  The goal is to cultivate a community for investors and a discussion of thoughtful ideas.

Smart investing matters more than ever today, no matter what you’re saving for.  Home buyers need a bigger down payment.  Student lending is down (though College tuition is still rising).  And all of us have to be smarter about our retirement planning.

Investors also  have more tools than ever to meet those responsibilities. That’s the opportunity, the challenge, and part of what can make investing so much fun.

Your input will be vital, so please comment. Ideas for topics we should be covering are welcome. And if you would like to contribute a full blog post, please submit that for consideration and include any connections you have to investments or firms referenced in the post so we can provide full disclosure to readers. Ideas, posts and any other feedback can be sent to cassnerc@folioinvesting.com.

About Geoff Considine

Geoff Considine is a leading contributor here at the Portfolioist. Geoff has worked in finance for more than twelve years with a focus on quantitative aspects of asset management and is a paid strategic advisor to Folio Investing and Folio Institutional. He writes extensively on asset allocation, risk management, and financial planning. Prior to entering professional services, Geoff worked on a trading floor at Aquila Energy, then one of the largest electricity and gas trading firms in the United States. Geoff started his professional career at NASA’s Langley Research Center, where he worked on statistical analysis and modeling applications with a focus on climate research. Geoff Holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Colorado and a B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech.

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