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Emerging Market Indexing

Guest post by Matthew Amster-Burton, Mint.com. We thought this was an interesting article and thought our readers would too. Enjoy.

Let’s say you want to build your own stock market index fund based on the S&P 500. Easy: download a list of all the companies in the index–from 3M (MMM) to Zions Bancorp (ZION) and their market cap, and start investing. Every stock in the index will be easy to buy in whatever quantity you want.

Now, after the success of your first index fund, you decide to create an emerging market fund, concentrating on the world’s up-and-coming economies. Again, no problem. We have the internet, after all, and we can just print off a list of all the stocks in China, India, Chile, Hungary, and so on, pull out a pile of Benjamins, and go to town.

That won’t work, says Raman Subramanian, Executive Director of Index Research at MSCI. Continue reading

Optimists Play Big Trends

September was supposed to be rocky, but overall the month’s shaping up fairly well.

Christian Wagner of Longview Capital, and Timothy Speiss, of Eisner Amper LLP, were sounding particularly upbeat in a recent Fox Business interview,  outlining a pretty rosy big picture view and the long-term trends they’re betting on. (See clip below) For Speiss, Energy and Technology are appealing. Continue reading