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How To Measure Your Investment Portfolio — Part One: Volatility & Beta

There are a large number of statistical measures available for looking at a mutual fund, ETF, stock or a combination of these in the total portfolio.

For an individual investor, what are the important measures and what do they mean? Over the next two days I will highlight the measures I think are critical to understanding and managing your investing portfolio.

Today, I’ll start with the best measurement of risk in any investment – its volatility. Continue reading

Global Equity Investing With ETFs

More investors are getting global exposure through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  News that China is for the moment the world’s second largest economy is a reminder — probably unneeded – that the growth these days is global. (The darkest green in the map below represents real GDP growth over 10%. The US, taupe, is in the negative 2 to 4% bucket.) Continue reading