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The Internet Grows Up To Be A Gold Mine of Free Cash Flow

Round Mountain Gold Mine, Smokey Valley, Nevada, 2008, photo: Patrick Huber

This is a guest blog by Mycroft Psaras. It’s an edited version of a longer piece that can be found at The Free Cash Flow Analyst.

The internet is obviously an evolving and changing civilization with millions of new websites being created every day. As an investor though I have never been able to capitalize on Internet stocks in large numbers, because they have never been able to provide the price to free cash flow numbers that I look for when making an investment. Continue reading

Arguing for Cash Flow, Stock Picking

Warren Buffett has traditionally been a fan of high free cash flow. So is Eduard Hamamjian.

After a recent post about the debated idea of trying to time the market, I had a conversation with Hamamjian, who runs an investment advisory firm called GeaSphere.

Hamamjian argued for market timing — but not in isolation. When combined with portfolio diversification and smart stock picking,  he says it is the best way to get market-beating numbers.

Smart stock picking is no easy order, but his criteria are not that complicated. Continue reading