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The Internet Grows Up To Be A Gold Mine of Free Cash Flow

Round Mountain Gold Mine, Smokey Valley, Nevada, 2008, photo: Patrick Huber

This is a guest blog by Mycroft Psaras. It’s an edited version of a longer piece that can be found at The Free Cash Flow Analyst.

The internet is obviously an evolving and changing civilization with millions of new websites being created every day. As an investor though I have never been able to capitalize on Internet stocks in large numbers, because they have never been able to provide the price to free cash flow numbers that I look for when making an investment. Continue reading

Portfolio Investing 101: R. Paul Herman

R. Paul Herman has built a new model for socially responsible  investing. One aimed at market-beating performance.

Herman credits his guiding interest in truth and justice  to his childhood growing up in Chicago . “My parents both instilled in me in my DNA and upbringing, values of trust and fairness. That really led to my views on the world.” Continue reading

Implications of a 1% Yield for Bonds and Stocks

IBM just sold 3-year bonds at a 1% yield, providing historically-low returns to investors.  This level of yield on corporate bonds has substantial implications for long-term investors.  First and foremost, yields this anemic make it hard to generate reasonable levels of income from a portfolio.  Granted, this level of yield is about twice what you can get with a short-term government bond index fund which invests in bonds with average maturities of 1-3 years, but this is hardly an attractive situation. Continue reading