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Brokerage Costs are Down. Are Yours?

Generally brokerage fees have been dropping steadily over the past two decades. But how have your costs fared? According a piece by Felix Salmon, brokers often charge as much in fees as they can get away with, applying different rules to different clients.

Which raises this important question for any investor: how much are you paying in brokerage fees and charges? Continue reading

Meir Statman and Bill Gross Speak on the Future of Investing

I came across this webcast from Merrill Lynch this morning.  This panel discussion includes Meir Statman, a professor at Santa Clara University, and author of What Investors Really Want about how we behave as investors and the real-world implications of behavioral finance, and Bill Gross, a founder of  PIMCO, the Newport Beach-California-based investing giant, and perhaps the leading expert on government and corporate debt investing. While there is nothing terribly surprising here if you are familiar with these guys, it’s a useful discussion and both Statman and Gross are articulate presenters. Continue reading