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Tactical Driving

Earlier this week we ran a piece on the difference between Tactical Asset Allocation and passive investing. In this guest post,  Michael A. Gayed of Pension Partners, a Tactical asset manager, weighs in.

As we approach summer, I can’t help but think about how people drive. After all, Americans are expected to be on the road to go on vacation as the weather gets warmer. Continue reading

Interview with Pension Partners’ Ed Dempsey on Investing in Volatile Times

Ed Dempsey, founder of Pension Partners, a New York City-based financial advisor, is not a fan of buy and hold investing. His style is “buy and rotate” and requires intensive ongoing analysis of what sectors are paying off now and when it’s time to cycle out of them. Continue reading

Parallels Between the Current Market and the Run Up to the May Correction

Guest commentary by Michael A. Gayed.

Is it May all over again?

Its easy to get swept away in the string of market returns higher. Its been a spectacular run since September after all. But market declines often come when investors least expect them. To get a sense of the likelihood of a coming drop, we need to look at the internals of the market.

I am noticing a number of parallels that remind me of the lead up to the May correction we experienced this year: Continue reading