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Socially Responsible Investing in 2011

Today there is something on the order of $100 billion invested in socially responsible mutual funds and ETFs, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The Social Investment Forum estimates that, including all individual and institutional investing, there could be as much as $3 trillion in socially-focused investing today.

But the very definition of  socially responsible investing (SRI) is in flux.  Has it become easier for someone to build an investment portfolio that balances both their financial goals and social good? Continue reading

“Wall Street” The Sequel: What’s Changed?

Wall Street 2 hits theaters tomorrow.  For one sign of how much time’s passed since the original take a look at Gordon Gekko’s old cell phone in the movie trailer below. But of course far more has changed — from the 401 (k) explosion to high speed trading and the derivative economy. Other than it’s location there’s not much of the old Wall Street left.

Portfolioist asked a panel of experts, a bit tongue-in-cheek, to weigh in on how things have changed in the 23 years since Michael Douglas first uttered a variant of  “Greed is Good”.  And what Wall Street 2 would have been about if they’d been behind the cameras. Below hear from corporate governance and movie expert Nell Minow,  New York Times blogger and financial advisor Carl Richards, and socially-responsible investor Paul Herman on the movie’s impact and lessons. Continue reading

Portfolio Investing 101: R. Paul Herman

R. Paul Herman has built a new model for socially responsible  investing. One aimed at market-beating performance.

Herman credits his guiding interest in truth and justice  to his childhood growing up in Chicago . “My parents both instilled in me in my DNA and upbringing, values of trust and fairness. That really led to my views on the world.” Continue reading