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Safety Not Guaranteed

Guest post by Contributing Editor, Robert P. Seawright, Chief Investment and Information Officer for Madison Avenue Securities.

I haven’t seen it yet,  but I love the conceit behind the indie film Safety Not Guaranteed, which has opened to excellent reviews.  The words of the title are found in a mysterious classified ad in a local paper seeking a partner for time travel.  The ad also states that applicants will need their own weapons and, ominously, “safety not guaranteed.”

That’s a pretty good metaphor for investing and for life in general. Continue reading

10 Investor Traps

Affinity schemes, complex leveraged investments and gold bullion scams are among the investor pitfalls highlighted by  The North American Securities Administrators in their annual list of “10 Investor Traps” published today. Continue reading

BP’s Hayward Stokes The Executive Pay Fire

BP CEO Tony Hayward is out with a pay package the Times of London is reporting at $18 million. That’s not huge by some recent exit standards, as noted in a post at the Washington Post’s PostLeadership blog.  Lee Raymond, for example,  got $351 million when he left Exxon Mobil in 2006, though that wasn’t on the heels of an historic environmental calamity. So why should investors care? Continue reading