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A Powerful Free Online Retirement Income Calculator

There are quite a range of financial planning tools that attempt to shed light on the question of how much money one should save for retirement.  Among the free online tools, I feel that the very best is the Retirement Income Calculator developed by T. Rowe Price.  Called the RIC for short, this tool won the 2009 Mutual Fund Education Alliance Star Award for Best Retail Online Innovation.

I have followed the evolution of the RIC for years, and the latest generation of the tool is remarkably intuitive and easy to use.
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Brian Rogers Touts Diversification, Stocks

In an interview with Consuelo Mack, T.Rowe Price chairman Brian Rogers sounded remarkably even-keel about investing in the markets today. None of his advice was radical. It aimed for reassuring. “The seeds have been sewn,” he said,” for a recovery that will benefit investors.” Rogers also manages T.Rowe’s Equity Income Fund. Continue reading